A Guide to Wiper Blade Fitting Types

Wiper blades are an often forgotten but crucial aspect of your car’s safety, so crucial that faulty blades could cost you your MOT. So, having the right wiper blades fitted to your car and making sure they’re attached correctly and in good condition is key.

However, there’s no standardised fitment for wiper blades, and the market is populated with a few different wiper blade fitting types. It’s important to know which one is right for your vehicle and how to fit it to make sure your car stays safe and MOT-compliant. You can find the right kind of wiper for your car in seconds with our simple search function.

In this blog post, we’re going to run through some of the most common windscreen wiper fitting options, where they’re commonly used and how to operate them.


The Different Types of Windscreen Wiper Fitments

Now we’ll look at a guide for what to do if your wiper’s stopped working

U-hook wiper blade fittings are designed to attach to a U-shaped hook on the end of the car’s wiper arm. It’s an easily identifiable fitting, and blades are widely available. To unclip your old blades, simply depress the clip that slots inside the U-hook and slide the blade out. Fitting a new one is just a case of slotting it into the U-hook until it clicks into place.

Push Button
When it comes to some wiper blades, fitting can seem fiddly, but not with push button blades. Removing the old blade is as simple as raising the wiper arm, pressing the button on the blade and sliding it out of the housing. To fit a new one, just slot it into the now empty housing until it clicks.

Pinch Tab
Pinch tab wipers rely on a hook and two tabs which are pinched together to slot into the wiper arm. To remove your old pinch tab wipers, depress the tabs using your finger and thumb, tilt the blade away from the wiper arm and disconnect from the hook. To fit your new blades, put the blade at a right angle to the arm, hook it into place and then tilt it down parallel to the arm and pinch the tabs to slot it into place.

Side Pin
Fitting windscreen wipers doesn’t get much simpler than the side pin system, which uses a pin and locking tab to hold the blade in place. To remove your old blades, simply tilt the blade until it clears the locking tab and then slide it sideways away from the arm. Fit your new blade by holding it at a 90-degree angle to the arm, sliding the hole in the blade over the pin and then tilting it parallel to the arm to tuck it behind the tab.

Slim Top

Slim top wiper blade fitting types are similar to push button fittings, in that they just slot into place using a button on top of the blade fitting. Removing your old blades is as easy as depressing the button and sliding the blade out of the housing, before sliding your new blade into place until you hear it click.

How Do I Find the Right Fitting for My Car?

You can usually spot your wiper blade fitting type by taking a quick look at the wiper arms on your car. However, the easiest way is to just enter your car’s registration plate or make and model into our simple search function, which will find you exactly the right blades for your vehicle. Alternatively, you can search our site by manufacturer.

You can also find more information about fitting instructions for the different windscreen wiper fittings here, and if you have any questions or issues, just reach out to our friendly team.

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