How Can I Prolong the Life of my Wiper Blades?

With the unpredictability of British weather conditions, one area of vehicle maintenance that should not be overlooked is the status of your car’s wiper blades. Many factors can impair screen visibility and if your wiper blades aren’t functioning properly, it can be a potential safety hazard, not to mention a legal requirement. There are some techniques you can employ to prolong the life of your wiper blades to ensure your windscreen is visible for a safe daily commute, let’s examine them in our blog.

Regular Maintenance

Preventative measures are always the best maintenance to increase your wiper blades’ longevity. The accumulation of debris is a major factor in wearing down the integrity of your wiper blades. The more dirt and grime your wiper blades are exposed to the quicker your blades can get worn down. Make a habit of doing periodic cleanings with water, mild washing up liquid and a clean damp cloth to maintain your windscreen and the rubber of your wiper blades. Although it may be enticing to use washer fluid and your wipers to take care of grime, it does wear down the blades after some time. Regular cleaning can extend the life of your blades and improve visibility.

Consider Weather Conditions

Careful removal of snow and ice also plays a factor in the integrity of your windscreen and your wiper blades. If you are using your wipers to remove thick ice and snow it can strain your blades and wear them down, and even buckle the frames leading to the need for early replacement. Always use an ice scraper to remove ice and snow from the windscreen before using the wipers.

Also, consider the effects of sun damage in warm weather. Where possible, park in the shade to avoid damage from UV light which can cause the rubber of your wiper blades to dry out and crack over time. If you can’t find shade consider purchasing a windscreen shade for warm weather, it will also help prevent you from burning your hands and backside when touching a boiling steering wheel or seat cover!

Avoid Using Your Wipers on a Dry Surface

A common mistake when debris is on the surface of your windscreen is to use your wipers to remove it while the surface of your screen is dry. This often happens when you’re out of wiper fluid or just want an item removed from your field of vision. The problem with this is it creates unnecessary friction and your wiper blades are not able to glide smoothly across the surface of your windscreen potentially causing streaks and scratches.

The increased friction from a wiper blade going across a dry surface can wear out its edges and lead to ineffective wiping. There’s also the risk of long term damage done to your windscreen, so even if you later apply wiper fluid it will be difficult to remove those streaks and your blades will simply not be as effective. This brings us to the next tip.

Keep Track of Your Wiper Fluid

Sometimes you have no choice but to use your wipers even if there’s little to no fluid. It may sound obvious, but the damage accumulated from using wipers without sufficient wiper fluid, can seriously impair your field of vision and damage your wiper blades. Therefore it’s important to have your wiper fluid full, as water is not a suitable replacement to thoroughly clean your windscreen.

Make it a habit to check to levels of your wiper fluid, as it helps your wiper blades from sustaining damage. It also means you can clean your windscreen on the go as opposed to having to stop and clean it by hand. This goes back to the original point of maintenance being of the utmost importance in the integrity of your wiper blades and getting the most out of them.

Clear the Area Around Your Wiper Blades

If you have small bits of rubbish, natural objects like leaves or other items accumulating around your wiper blades it’s best to remove them yourself. Do not use wiper blades to clear your windscreen as some of these can cause damage to your wiper blades or damage your windscreen. Twigs, leaves and other debris are best removed by hand whenever possible to ensure your wiper blades don’t sustain damage and prolong their use as well as to prevent scratching your windscreen’s glass.

Clearing any debris yourself also ensures your wiper’s motion isn’t limited due to any damage. Attempting to use wiper blades on larger items can affect its range of motion and impair its ability to reach certain areas on your windscreen. There is also the area under your wiper blades that isn’t accessible except by hand. It’s important to clear that area out to not accumulate moisture and cause corrosion to your wiper blades or parts of your vehicle.

Why Don’t my Wiper Blades Last Longer?

This could be for a few reasons, exposure to volatile weather frequently can increase wear and tear. If you are using your wiper blades vigorously in different weather conditions over time, they’re simply going to wear down and need replacing.

There is also the fact that not all blades are created equally, so your wiper blades might not be of high quality materials that can withstand the elements – investing in good quality wiper blades usually provides a good return on your investment as they will last longer. You could also just simply have the wrong wiper blades for your vehicle, blades that are the wrong size or poorly fitted will wear out more quickly and potentially not work as effectively making your driving experience less pleasant or even dangerous.

In any case, if you’re finding yourself dissatisfied with the longevity or quality of your wiper blades, WipeWave offers a simple search solution to find the right, high-quality, wiper blades for your vehicle. Installation is quick and requires no tools or assistance. Our wiper blades provide optimal visibility for any weather conditions.

When Should I Replace my Wiper Blades?

There isn’t a specific point in time to replace them as not all wiper blades are the same and the amount of driving and the weather conditions will create other variables. Once you’ve reached the point that your wipers are not effectively removing debris, or clearing water effectively, it should be time to replace them. If they’re starting to create streaks across your windscreen, they could be causing visual impairments and at that point, it becomes crucial to replace them.

Other issues to look out for are how smooth are your wiper blades gliding across the screen. If you notice them skipping across the windscreen then they may not be making proper contact with the glass. Squeaky noises may also mean the quality of your wiper blades has been diminished and could lead to streaks on your glass. More information about the signs that your blades need changing can be found in our blog.

You may not even notice any major changes in your blades but if your windscreen isn’t as clear and visible as you’re used to it could be another sign they need replacing. Visibility is essential for driving any vehicle and it all begins with being certain that your wiper blades are functioning properly.

Best Wiper Blades for my Car?

Every car is different, so when looking for wiper blades you must make the right selection for your vehicle. There can be an overwhelming number of options if you don’t know where to look, but thankfully WipeWave makes the process simple, just enter your registration plate and WipeWave will only list the wipers that are available for your vehicle. The installation process is simple and allows you to change your blades from home. Our wiper blades are enhanced to handle any weather conditions and provide you with clear visibility while driving. For any other questions or queries, get in touch with our friendly team.

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