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As a major UK supplier of premium wiper blades, WipeWave stocks a range of BMW wiper blades made using durable materials and shipped directly from our Cornwall HQ. Browse our selection below or use our easy search tool to find the right wipers for your BMW.  

Find Your BMW Replacement Wipers With Ease  

Whether you’re holding the keys to a 2002 Z4 or a 2023 X6, WipeWive is here for you. We stock wipers to cover a spectrum of models and ages, so whatever you drive, think WipeWave 

Get Optimal Visibility With Our BMW Wipers 

Your wiper blades are key to keeping you safe in all driving conditions, and letting them get old and worn out can not only put you at risk next time it rains, but it can also cost you your MOT. With quality BMW windscreen wipers from WipeWave, you can stay safe and avoid pesky MOT retests.  

Frequently Asked Questions | Wiper Blades for BMW Models

BMW wiper blades are easy to change, and every set we sell will come with an easy-to-follow guide for installing them yourself. Here are some answers to the most common questions we get about our wiper blades for BMWs.

How much will replacement wiper blades for my BMW cost?

Whether you need BMW Series 1 wiper blades or are looking for the right fit for a classic model, you shouldn’t pay much more than £25 – if that. Prices will vary by model but shouldn’t break the bank.

How do I change the wiper blades on my BMW?

When you receive your blades from WipeWave, you’ll also receive an easy installation and safety guide for changing the blades yourself. There are different fitments for different models, but our guide will walk you through it using simple steps.

Do you sell wiper blades for a BMW M Series?

We stock wiper blades for a huge range of BMW models, including the M series. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us and we’ll find the right blades for you.

How often should you change BMW wiper blades 

As a rule of thumb, your wiper blades should be changed about once a year, but make sure to give them a quick once over every so often to check for any wear or damage and replace them sooner if needed. If they begin to squeak on your screen or fail to clear it properly, it likely means the rubber has aged and they need replacing.  

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