How Dangerous Can Worn Out Wiper Blades Be?

When performing maintenance on your car, the first areas to address are most likely things such as your lights, oil level, tyre tread depth and pressure, and brake fluid to name a few. Often, wiper blades can be overlooked resulting in poor performance and dangerous consequences, not to mention being illegal and meaning your car will fail its MOT (Ministry of Transport Test).

Windscreen wipers are a key safety feature for vehicles to protect you and others on the road, and without your wipers working properly, the risk of accidents increases.

What Causes Wipers to Wear Out?

Wipers go through more than their fair share of beatings, no thanks to our amazing British weather which can cause several problems. With heavy rain, ice and snow occurring rather frequently in the UK, these weather effects can damage wipers quite adversely when dirt, ice, pebbles and other small debris wash over your car. These then get trapped under your wiper blades and caught in between the glass and rubber, ultimately damaging the blades.

For faulty blades, it can just be the case they’ve aged. Windscreen wipers are typically designed to last between 6 and 12 months, but unfortunately, many don’t know the signs of aged wipers and leave the worn-out wipers on for longer.

Signs of Worn Out Wiper Blades

There are several signs your wiper blades will need replacing, including:

  • Streaking: As you wipe away rainwater or other liquids from your windscreen if you see streaks, it means there may be cracks or splits in the rubber of the wiper blade.
  • Skipping: Hot weather also affects your wipers’ performance, causing them to warp and become out of shape, leading to skipping across the windscreen.
  • Squeaking: This annoying sound will occur if your wipers are loose or too tight. Simply lift your wipers gently and move them around to assess their assembly and condition.

Is it Illegal to Drive with Faulty Window Wiper Blades?

Before we jump into the dangers of faulty window wiper blades, it is important to note it is, in fact, illegal to drive with faulty fitted wipers or if they are in poor condition and affect your ability to view the road when viewed through the windscreen.

It is crucial to replace your wipers and ensure they are properly fitted if you have any signs of damage or the above, otherwise, you could be fined by the police if there is evidence of a lack of care to sustain the working order of your car’s necessary accessories and functions. What’s more, faulty window wiper blades can cause you to fail your MOT (Ministry of Transport) test. We have an expert guide on how to get your wipers ready to pass.

Are Worn Out Wipers Really That Dangerous?

Yes, they are! When driving, if you have poor vision out of your windscreen because of faulty wipers, you will be more likely to hit other vehicles or road obstructions. Lack of clear vision when driving during rainy days, snowstorms and especially at nighttime can lead to catastrophic accidents. The last thing you’ll want is for yourself or someone else to get hurt, as well as significant damage to your vehicle that could have been avoided with an easy fix.

But how do you find your vehicle’s right wipers?

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