What To Do If Your Windscreen Wiper Stops Working  

You probably don’t consider it very often, but your windscreen wipers are an integral part of the safety of your vehicle. Imagine driving in heavy rain and one or both stop working, or hitting an unexpected puddle only to find your wipers can’t clear the screen; you’d be left virtually blind to any upcoming hazards.

If you ever find that your window wipers are not working, don’t worry. Here at WipeWave, we’ve put together a list of possible causes that you can check for as well as what to do if you’re driving and your wiper’s stopped working. Check it out below.

Why Your Wipers Could Suddenly Stop

So, you’ve found your windscreen wipers are not working, but how can you fix the issue? There are a few common reasons for wiper failure:

  • Blown fuse – To protect your vehicle’s electrical systems, fuses are fitted to most circuits. If you notice your windscreen wiper not working, check the relevant fuse. You can find more information in your vehicle handbook.  
  • Failed motor – Your wiper arms are powered by small motors which can sometimes fail with age. If you’ve checked your fuse, and the arms are still not moving, your issue may be your motors.  
  • Worn blades – If your wiper blades are severely worn, your windscreen wipers may become ineffective. Thankfully, this is an easy fix. Just enter your vehicle registration into our simple search tool and head to the checkout to enjoy free, next-day delivery – but hurry! You need to get your order in before 3pm to qualify.  
  • Ice and snow – The final possibility is weather conditions such as ice and snow. Thick ice may freeze your wiper blades or arms in place, and heavy snow could physically prevent them from clearing the screen. Remove any snow or ice from your wipers and screen to allow them to function normally.  
  • Damaged wiper arms – Your wiper arms themselves may have become damaged. Check them for any signs of defects.  



How to Handle a Windscreen Wiper that Suddenly Stops Working

Now we’ll look at a guide for what to do if your wiper’s stopped working

  1. Stay calm – Whatever you do, don’t panic. Even if you find your visibility reduced, remain calm and keep control of your vehicle.  
  2. Slow down – Give yourself more time to spot emerging hazards by reducing your speed and keeping an increased distance from the vehicle in front.  
  3. Use your mirrors – If your forward visibility is reduced, you can use your mirrors to help you keep track of your road position and ensure you’re not drifting in your lane.  
  4. Pull over – As soon as feel it’s safe, pull over to the side of the road. If you can, make sure you’re not blocking traffic.  
  5. Identify the issue – Once you’ve pulled over, you can begin to identify the fault. However, only move around the outside of your vehicle if it is safe to do so, and do not stand in the road to examine your vehicle. If you need replacement parts, such as wiper blades, make sure to order them as soon as possible to get you motoring safely.  


Can You Complete Your Journey Without a Functional Windscreen Wiper?

The answer to this question depends on the nature of the fault and the weather conditions. If your window wiper’s not working but the weather is clear and is going to remain so for the rest of your journey, then you can probably get your vehicle home before fixing the issue.

However, if the weather is wet, or the nature of the fault obstructs your ability to drive safely, for example, if your wiper arms are stuck blocking your view, then you should get your vehicle to a garage for repairs as soon as possible.

Old or deteriorating wiper blades are one of the most common causes of wiper failure, and getting them fixed quickly is important, but thankfully easy. Just shop by car with WipeWave or use our quick search tool to get free next-day delivery on premium quality wiper blades at great prices. We even have easy fitting instructions so you can get your wipers working again in no time.

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